I am not in danger, I am the danger.


Saul himself will be doing an AMA!http://dailybreakingbad.tumblr.com/


Saul himself will be doing an AMA!


Felina. Directed by Vince Gilligan. 2013.

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Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman
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Growth, Decay, Transformation by Ashley Spina

Inspired by season 5, episode 16: “Felina.”

        This article, written by Dan Snierson and posted on Entertainment Weekly’s website on September 15th, 2014, writes about the one year anniversary of the airing of Breaking Bad’s sixtieth episode, “Ozymandias.” It features a short summary of the episode, along with a number of comments from the writer, Moira Walley-Beckett, and the director, Rian Johnson about their experiences writing and filming the episode. I chose to review this article for the very obvious reason that Breaking Bad is my favourite television show. But besides that fact alone, I also chose this article because it gives insight about the behind-the-scenes effort that went into creating one of the greatest episodes of television ever written.

          “Ozymandias” aired on September 15, 2013, and acts as an extremely pivotal point in the series. The evolution from Walter White to Heisenberg comes full circle, and Walt finally realizes the effect his actions has upon his loved ones. This episode is moving, impactful, and thrilling, especially to each diehard Breaking Bad fan who tuned in that night. It was flawlessly written and produced, and is personally my favourite episode in the entire series. Being about the first anniversary since it aired, I think this article is a perfect example of how poignant and significant this segment was to the show, which I found quite interesting.

          I enjoy reading articles about all things in entertainment, but this one stuck out to me the most because of how much it reveals about the making of the episode. It is clear that the writers made sure to make the most out of their endeavors throughout the process of this series. Each and every detail was carefully played out, and made for remarkable television. I had already know this, but reading this article only reassured my endless passion and appreciation for Breaking Bad as a whole.


We’re gonna be kings, understand?
A couple of weeks back I killed a dog. I put him down. I watched him go. I was looking him straight in the eye. He didn’t know what was happening. He didn’t know why. He.. He was just scared, and then.. He was gone. He wasn’t sick. No, he was just, like… I don’t know, like, a… a problem dog . 

"What he sees in Jesse: he may not be able to save Jesse but he’d like to protect him. I still think Mike sees that there is hope somewhere for this kid." - Jonathan Banks